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Roger Campbell is a Reiki Master with an impeccable lineage. (Roger Campbell
<-  Paul Ribet <- William Lee Rand).
Deirdre Campbell's Master lineage is (Deirdre Campbell <- Roger Campbell <-  Paul Ribet <- William Lee Rand)
We don't need to explain Reiki training here, the internet is full of as much information on Reiki as you could digest in a lifetime.

But what we will clarify here is that when we teach Reiki, it is taught in conjunction with Aura-Chi Healing and two Certificates are issued at the end of the Aura-Chi Healing Training Course. This is the only way we undertake Reiki Training. We believe that
they are complimentary and completely compatible modalities. Also, (and we've ruffled more than one set of feathers with this sort of comment), we believe Reiki - as it is generally taught in this country - to be incomplete. If this was not so, why then are there so many different types of Reiki? It is as if the Reiki community has an innate sense that there is more to Reiki than what is being generally taught, and is striving to find the missing pieces.  The Reiki training that we undertake is well researched and has an attention to detail that is a more than a little uncommon. At Roger's Reiki One training he received a handfull of poorly photocopied pages of documentation.
We provide a bound manual of some 39 pages (see photo below). The Reiki Training we provide is also augmented by some of the Practices that are the foundation of Aura-Chi Healing techniques.

Would it surprise you to know that a Reiki Attunement or Healing - done incorrectly - can make you unwell?  We were surprised too.
The causes of (and solutions to) these negative responses are comprehensively covered in our courses.

But as they say on TV, "don't take our word for it". Have a look at some comments by people that have undertaken Aura-Chi Healing training.    

Please note that ALL of these people are Reiki Masters!!!! 

Reiki has been around for some 50 odd years and is a very readily recognisable qualification. Aura-Chi is quite new and not (yet) quite as widely known. We believe that there is an indisputable commercial value in obtaining a formal Reiki qualification if one is seeking to Practice Professionally. Understand that Aura-Chi is industry recognised, but what we are talking about here is the public's recognition and familiarity with the term "Reiki".

We teach Reiki One and Two in conjunction with the Aura-Chi Healing course.
We charge a total of $250 dollars for Reiki One and Two. The Reiki training is done in small groups, then shortly afterward, the Aura-Chi Class is completed. It makes for a very well rounded and financially viable set of Healing qualifications.

With the total cost being about what one normally pay for just the Reiki courses, it represents a very attractive package.

Any other questions? Just ask


For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!